This is the norm for most expat executive packages in the Middle East. Expat Package Compensation. Are expat packages available to cover the cost of living in Singapore? Companies sending expats here offer some of the most generous salary and benefits packages in the region, sitting in the top three for both elements in the Asia Pacific rankings. Total compensation package and bonus offers. (Insurance is for my own cost). For employers, however, the “expat package” can add between US$150K and US$200K per year to the overall cost of the manager – in addition to cash compensation, bonuses and regular benefits. For international employers, it’s only a matter of time before it’s time to bring an expat into a target country; the next conversation is usually about expatriate benefits. There are two approaches to calculating how much an expat should be paid. While packages differ by company, some items appear in most international employment offers: a housing allowance, help paying taxes, spousal employment help and trips home. Dear HR Professionals, I would like to seek advice on what kind of package does your provide for Expats coming to S'pore with their family (4 pax) i.e. Hi All, So I'll be moving to Dubai very soon, hopefully, and I just got details of my compensation package. Expatriate Compensation Packages. Here are some of the details: Organizations use different methods to calculate expatriate compensation and benefits, such as the balance sheet approach, but certain features are almost universal. They can include accommodations, car and driver, maid service, education for your children, flights to and from the country you’re in back home, hardship allowance and healthcare among other niceties. Shawna Kwan. The majority of expats in the UAE report that they get benefits as part of their employment package – these include allowances for things such as healthcare and airfare allowances for visits back home. In Expat Living Singapore, Dr Yvonne McNulty explains that most contracts only last a few years, and then switch to a localisation package. The value of a typical total expatriate package for Middle Managers in India is US$293,000. – Heterogeneous employee preferences may encumber employers' attempts to standardize expatriate compensation packages. Different methods of compensation are available to compensate the cost of working abroad. You may be tempted to move abroad by a job offer, but how can you tell if it's a good deal? Average Expat Compensation Package in China . We explain all the details behind expat’s finances and the German Social Security System. Twenty years ago, being an expat was seen as a quick way to get rich fast, with most employees receiving … Family Medical Insurance, 1 Home flight for 4 pax per year, Accommodations, Handphone bills, Utility bills, Children school fees, others, etc. Not helpful. In Australia, seen as a dream destination for many because of its wide open spaces and coastal cities, packages were $266,848. Expat compensation packages are swelling in China as the rising cost of living and increased pollution make it more challenging to attract international talent. Employees should expect all relocation expenses to be covered, an allowance to support their children’s education, pension contributions, and the offer for fully funded — usually annual — … Although different situational factors such as the attractiveness of the assignment destination and the number of potential candidates require flexibility in compensation … If you have been offered an international assignment by your company and are considering relocating for work, your HR department will most likely offer you an expat relocation package.. An increased salary and exotic new landscape may sound attractive, but it’s important to remember that not all relocation packages are created equal. Dr Yvonne McNulty from Expat Research takes an honest look at real life for Singapore’s new expats who don’t receive the big packages, and debunks the myth that all expats here are living it large in Asia. Is the cost of living in Hong Kong affected by diminishing expat packages? When an employee evaluates the compensation offered for an international assignment, the value of the benefits in kind (BIK) package can be significant. Question. Expatriate compensation packages typically vary based on: 1) Tenure with the company 2) Nationality 3) Applicable skills and experience 4) How critical your position is to the company's interests in Indonesia Expatriate Compensation Packages Expatriate compensation packages can vary enormously from company to company and location to location. Executive Expat’s Package includes several of expat’s allowances: relocation, COLA, housing, education, and other additional benefits. Packages in the U.S. averaged just $250,028. A traditional expat salary package (which we explore below) would include relocation costs, housing and education allowances, annual travel allowances, and a loading on your base salary. Factors 1. Everything looks good, but I'd like an opinion on my Car allowance. It is up to most expats to understand the different packages offered and what makes the most financial sense for them. Given the recent focus on the economic crisis in financial news reporting, many headlines in the area of global mobility were about reductions of expat costs and, more specifically, of expat compensation packages.At the beginning of this year however, several sources predicted possible changes to the cost reduction orientation, arguing that talent … However, when tax is factored in, Singapore falls down to ninth in the Asia Pacific’s overall most expensive locations as it has one of the lowest personal tax rates in the world. When doing business in China it is important to seek legal advice with what you'll be receiving in your compensation package. In many sectors, particularly banking, expat packages have become less generous since the financial crisis, meaning you’re far less likely to be able to afford a luxury pad in a swanky area of town. That doesn't mean expat employees should be doing any worse once they move overseas. This woman did just that by successfully negotiating a six figure compensation package when she moved abroad. Negotiating compensation can be tricky in the US, but if you’re offered an international job, compensation issues grow exponentially more complex. That is an especially large sum to sustain in many small emerging markets such as those of Southeast Asia. The value of a typical total compensation package (including cash compensation and benefits) for foreign executives in China increased to USD 290,000. No matter the label, let us dive into what it is you need to know BEFORE and DURING your time abroad. I have researched several websites, apparently I found vast information on the compensation package for my position, the salary could range from AED5000 to AED20000. On balance, it’s still better to be based in Asia as an expat, the ECA study found. The executive compensation package of a new employee in an organization greatly depends on numerous factors, including the industry, the salary amount that the new hire was drawing in his/her previous organization, working experience, the offered position, and market analysis. The cost of living allowance (COLA) is an allowance that is often awarded to expats who move overseas as part of a job offer and is based upon the need to ensure that the lifestyle that they enjoy in their home country can, at a very minimum, be retained if they are relocated elsewhere.As an individual who is considering a relocation, you need to ensure that any salary or allowances … There comes a time when you have to negotiate for something way outside your comfort zone. The purpose of this paper is to outline an empirical approach that informs employers about their employees' preferences concerning an international assignment., – Utility theory and conjoint measurement techniques are applied. BIK are still seen as an essential part of expat compensation, more than their domestic counterparts, and should be expected to be a part of the salary negotiation. There is no range of compensation that is applicable universally. There are many words to describe the benefits expats receive when being transferred abroad by a company: Expat Package, Expat Benefits, Deployment Package are just a few to name. These Are the Places in Asia With the Best Expat Pay Packages By . +33 1 53 40 92 73 A total package for an expatriate middle manager in mainland China is worth around $276,400, compared with $271,400 in Hong Kong. We prepare gross up and gross to net calculations. Some companies actually choose to do a full compensation and benefits investigation for the expat … We assist foreign companies in the preparation of cost-effective expat compensation packages. I've been given a monthly budget of AED1900. Compensation packages should attract, retain and motivate employees, while at the same time balancing these costs with the expected returns for the organization, which is not an easy task. “Localisation describes the company's practice of replacing an expat compensation package with something comparable to that offered to locals. Different methods of compensation are available to try to compensate the cost of leaving your home. Twenty years ago, being an expat was seen as a quick way to get rich fast, with most employees receiving full compensation and benefits packages that covered everything from housing, schools, and cars, to tax equalisation, home leave, and even cold-weather clothing allowances. Expat salary packages are designed to cover the expenses of staff who move their families abroad, as well as providing compensation for the associated hardship. This is up from the fourth position in 2015 with the cost of an average expatriate package having surged by 5% within one year. India has the third highest expatriate pay packages in the region according to ECA International, the world's leading provider of knowledge, information and technology for the management and assignment of employees around the world. Anticipating that we will negotiate on the compensation package in the call, I would like to check out more details prior the interview. The Chinese economy is gaining momentum and the projected expats to China is following suit. In most cases expat packages total around 35% more than the package you’d receive for the same role back in the US. When negotiating an expat contract that is right for your needs and those of your family, it is important that you carefully consider several factors 8 December 2014 12 13.