A gin pole or pole truck commonly refers to a truck with a stiff crane like boom that hinges near the back of the truck. Shear legs are a lifting device related to the gin pole, derrick and tripod (lifting device). Application September 2 2, ms, serial No. Of course they could be used a number of ways but they use the angle and height of lift to accomplish their task. 49. The top of the pole and the rigging is outfitted with pulleys for hoisting. Gin pole Chicago boom Stiff-leg Etc. ERECTING CRANE AND GIN POLE. Shears are an A-frame of any kind of material such as timbers or metal, the feet resting on or in the ground or on a solid surface which will not let them move and the top held in place with guy-wires or guy ropes simply called "guys". With this new gin pole and its more compact design the mounting and use of the pole will be much faster, safer, and efficient rendering the use of a crane unnecessary. Mar 6, 2014 - Remake history by building the world's first construction crane, still in use today — the gin pole. The gin pole is the simplest crane possible, consisting of a single upright spar with hoisting tackle at the top, plus a mechanical connection or two to direct the rope work. A. J. NEFF PORTABLE GIN POLE Filed Sept. 22, 1936 6 Sheets-Sheet 5 4/ 3 f M a 2 Q ,J m a 1 r I w w .wL/fl T (W! Shear legs. 100% (1/1) sheers shear leg shears. 3.) (a) no A-frame or gin pole is inclined more than 45 from the vertical; (b) an A-frame or gin pole is restrained from uncontrolled lateral and vertical movement; and (c) the sheave and the cable keeper of an A-frame or gin pole are attached securely enough to withstand any load to which the assembly may be subjected. Support lines called guys position the lifting end over the object that is raised. Mine-shaft rescue using a gin pole derrick improvised from an extension ladder Stiff-leg construction derrick Hay derrick Rigging Wire rope. Setting up the boom as a gin pole. Building the Gin Pole. F. BRANDT ERECTING CRANE AND GIN POLE Filed Jan. 15, 1923 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 j l* vP'/ 9 Patented May ze, 1925. j UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE; roKKo BRANDT, or KANsAs CITY, MT-ssouni, AssIGNoR To THE :BRANDT & KRELL ENGINEERING COMPANY, or KANsAs CITY, KANsAs, A CORPORATION or KANSAS. Oct 29, 2019 - Explore M Rad's board "Gin pole" on Pinterest. However, you must raise longer poles by supplementary rigging or power equipment. More information... People also love these ideas There are reports of Gin Pole failures and injuries, indicating that the limits for safe use are not generally known or understood. 3-point rear attach lifting pole with category 1 pins included; Front loop lift capacity - 1,000 lb. Gin Pole Trucks - Oilfield Rigging Cranes. If you hitch the rope to a vehicle, windlass, draft animal or anything that can pull on it horizontally, the tripod and pulley will transfer the horizontal force to a vertical one, so you can use it to lift a heavy object straight up. Gin Poles “A gin pole is a simple and traditional method for raising a timber frame by hand, and straightforward solution to a site with little crane access. US2644666A US233826A US23382651A US2644666A US 2644666 A US2644666 A US 2644666A US 233826 A US233826 A US 233826A US 23382651 A US23382651 A US 23382651A US 2644666 A US2644666 A US 2644666A Authority US United States Prior art keywords pole trunnions axis members snatch Prior art date 1951-06-27 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal … Gin Pole Trucks are used in oilfield applications for lifting oil and gas components that are in need of service, replacement or repair. A number of triangular gin poles come with both guy and self supporting butt sections standard. Construction cranes Derricks Boom angle changes to adjust horizontal distance Often used in shipyards, building construction, etc. Gin Poles “A gin pole is a simple and traditional method for raising a timber frame by hand, and straightforward solution to a site with little crane access. The gin pole is derived from a gyn, and considered a form of derrick, called a standing derrick or pole derrick, distinguished from sheers (or shear legs) by having a single boom rather than a two-legged one.. A lot less work, too! If You have any clue what this tuff old Dodge would be used for with this large boom, please pass it on. Around here, for the cost of a good gin pole strong enough to hoist sections of 45G safely, I can rent a sign crane + operator for 2 hours and get the job done in less than 2 hours using the crane. See more ideas about trucks, work truck, oilfield. These sets of gin pole derrick crane are easily portable and you can carry them anywhere in toolboxes. 2 pair of block and tackle (3x3) allowed us to lift and position logs vertically from the end of the boom as well as by horizontally by increasing and decreasing the … Crane vessel Drilling rig Gin pole Mast (sailing) Thomas Derrick. Gin pole trucks function like portable cranes using poles in conjunction with winches to lift loads up for repair or onto their flat bed for transport. A frame derricks for pole construction were standard equipment on line trucks until hydraulic cranes took over in the 1960's. 102.050 . A gin pole utilizes a deck mounted winch to do the lifting and tie back lines to support the load. The gin pole is derived from a gyn, and considered a form of derrick, called a standing derrick or pole derrick, distinguished from sheers (or shear legs) by … L Although hydraulic cranes are used to assist in the erection of many support structures, a gin pole is the only alternative for taller towers. According to the ships and offshore installations lifting equipment specifications, hull structure strength of the 300 tonnage crane ship and the gin pole structure strength are calculated by the software of MSC.PATRAN/NASTRAN. Gin Pole | Gin pole crane | Pole Winch | Gin Pole for sale | oilfield pole truck Oil Field 26ft Gin Pole Flat Bed Body 1'' T-1 Steel 3 Winches. Article by Vladislav. The gin pole derrick crane that are accessible on the site are made from durable quality materials that last for a long span of time and are fully tested as well as guaranteed in terms of performance. There’s no heavy base or counterweight to deal with. A tripod made from wood poles, with a rope and pulley attached, helps you lift weights higher or heavier than you could otherwise. The basic theory of a gin pole is to lift a heavy object below one end while it remains stationary at the other end. The CountyLine Heavy-Duty Boom Pole is perfect for loading items onto trailers, pulling up old fence posts, and other lifting chores. The gin pole is made with fairly primitive construction, using White Spruce poles, steel spikes, and rope. Tex. In this paper, four typical cases and different degrees of pole structure is analysis. In antiquity, the only way to raise a heavy object was to put a rope on it, climb a ladder, and pull — or if you had enough time, build a ramp. 24-1/2 in. Usually a "core" member to Most gin poles are constructed of triangular or square lattice shapes. srArEs Patented 'Aug. See more ideas about gin, pole, hoist. w\ m 9 wu a Q I M O Aug. 30, 1938. A gin pole distinguished from sheers (or shear legs) by having a single boom rather than a two-legged one. Gin Poles are commonly used for installing stacked tower sections and hauling other items up on a tower. Gin poles are also used to raise loads above structures too tall to reach with a crane, such as "placing an antenna on top of a tower," and to lift segments of a tower on top of one-another during erection. A gin pole, in simple terms, is a tethered lever used for lifting towers, sailboat masts, logs and other construction materials. That gave me the solution to my problem. to erect the gin pole. A. J. NEFF PORTABLE GIN POLE Filed Sept. 22, 1936 6 Sheets-Sheet 6 "UNITED. Then the Greeks put a pulley on a pole, and the sky was the limit. Rear loop lift capacity - 2,000 lb. Truck Mounted Crane Welded Metal Projects Mechanical Advantage Truck Mods Dodge Power Wagon Timber Frames Apocalypse Survival Welding Gin. Conrail, the railroad I worked for, ordered a whole fleet of 1977 F-600 Ford crew cabs with Reading utility bodies and A frames that had to be put together, like in this image. Aluminium Alloy Gin Pole Derrick Crane For Power Erection , Find Complete Details about Aluminium Alloy Gin Pole Derrick Crane For Power Erection,Gin Pole Derrick Crane,Gin Pole,Aluminium Alloy Gin Pole from Power Distribution Equipment Supplier or Manufacturer-Changshu Xinya Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Application filed January 15, 1923. H x 40 in. W x 95 in. Detailed Description Gin Pole Trucks - 2008 Western Star Bed Truck - 12" Heavy Duty Full Tail Roll 3 Hydraulic Tulsa Rufnek Winches; (1) 65 ton, (1) 50 ton, (1) 10 ton 32' Stinger Gin Poles 2 New Recaps 4=+50%, 2=-40% With Gin Pole Set up Front Tire: 445/65 R22.5 (+75%) w/ Hub Piloted Wheels, Rear Tire: 12:00R24 w/ Hub Piloted Wheels, 2 new Recaps 4=+50%, 2=-40% A derrick is a lifting device composed at minimum of one guyed mast, as in a gin pole, which may be articulated over a load by adjusting its guys.Most derricks have at least two components, either a guyed mast or self-supporting tower, and a boom hinged at its base to provide articulation, as in a stiffleg derrick.. The number of people needed to erect a gin pole depends on the weight of the pole. Manufacturer: Gin Pole T-1 1" Steel:2 Gin Pole s 26ft Gin Pole lift bars:60 GPM Pump Winch trough rear:3 blocks 3 Ruffneck winches 100k,60k,30k:In cab winch controls Used Oil Field 26ft Gin Pole Flat Bed Body 1'' T-1 Steel 3 Winches for sale. ERECTING GIN POLES You can easily raise a 40-foot-long gin pole by hand (see Figure 5-2). Gin Pole. Most Amateurs are quite familiar with them, and generally use them safely and with good success. Unlike cranes a gin pole has no real adjustment or ability to move the load other than to drive the truck around while lifting. Uses On land. Nov 14, 2016 - Explore Dale Mathewson's board "Gin Pole" on Pinterest. 30, 1938 PATENT PORTABLE om POLE Laredo.