Style. Apr 3, 2015 - View and download this 875x1125 Akaashi Keiji image with 29 favorites, or browse the gallery. Apr 26, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Fandonna Vice. This is notable because most of the characters always address each other with their last or family names, with very few exceptions. Akashi started his education at a very young age. However, when Karasuno is at set point and Aone had tried to block Hinata, Asahi is able to score the winning point for the first set. He fills in a registration paper but doesn't write his future goals. This helped him pass the ball out of the range of Gold's Demon Eye, by passing the ball behind his back to Aomine. However, as each player of Seirin managed to stop the three Uncrowned Kings in the Winter Cup Finals, his cold personality started to surface as he says he was disappointed in them and plans to break away from his teammates to get the victory all by himself. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Home town July 2020. Seirin once again receive their spirits back and prepare to face Rakuzan once again. On the verge of losing, he asserts to his outlook that he can't lose and "his orders are absolute and always correct" causing him to finally awaken his Emperor's Eye and win against Murasakibara. To Asahi's unease, Hinata is recorded to have the same spiking height as himself but is determined not to be beaten so easily. Midorima was one of the first to notice the change in Akashi's personality, noticing there were two of him, something that he found shocking and disturbing. Orange Rouge Haikyu!! Miyagi Prefecture [Note: I cannot RP at the same time as most people because I live on the other side of the world. After high school, Asahi is revealed to have attended a fashion college in Tokyo and has become a fashion designer. Akashi repeats his respect for Midorima and Shūtoku High School, but warns Midorima that he won't reach. In a flashback it is revealed how Nishinoya and Asahi fought when Asahi, frustrated, asks why none of them are blaming him for not scoring points during the Date Tech match. Kagami has entered the Zone, resulting in Seirin leading the match. [10] His team did not have to take part in the preliminaries, because they won the Interhigh and are automatically placed. GLOSSY~ DURABLE~ VERY WATER RESISTANT! fanfiction, kurotsukk, boyxboy. Akashi is surprised as Kuroko has managed to steal the ball for Seirin.[54]. His school training increased as well. Asahi uses this method before his serve and is able to score an ace when Aran was unable to make the receive. When Seirin's plan becomes clear, he elaborates on it, saying that they had to give Kaijō a point to give Kagami a head start to take it back instantly. He Who Is Called "Ace" Hayama approaches Akashi and asks him for a second chance at marking Kagami, saying that he wants to return the favor. Akaashi has messy black hair and gunmetal blue eyes with thin pupils and slightly thick eyebrows; in some official art, his eyes appear to be green, but in others, they are more blue-colored. This surprised Akashi who then wondered if the coach would gave Kuroko a second chance. Prior to Karasuno's game against Tokonami, the team had encountered Date Tech and Asahi was right away targeted by Aone. Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. The 1st quarter ends with the score of 20-16. Near the end of the first set, Asahi informs Daichi and Sugawara of Nishinoya's current whereabouts and activities. Despite being a first year, he is the student council president at Rakuzan. Akashi is the only member of the Generation of Miracles who has awakened his ability forcefully. He is best known for the voice of Levi Ackerman in Attack on Titan, Trafalgar Law in One Piece, Mephisto Pheles in Blue Exorcist, Izaya Orihara in Durarara! Akashi then tells him that it is foolish to think that he can surpass the Emperor Eye and that he should not underestimate him that much. [47] Seirin calls for a time-out and Akashi along with the rest of the Generation of Miracles were surprised when they saw Kuroko coming back to the game. The trigger for Akashi to enter the Zone is when he decides to stop relying on his teammates to win and instead wishes to grasp victory by himself.[90]. Kuroko then mentioned Akashi that he has changed greatly, to which Akashi responded that there were two personalities in him and that they had merely traded places. Nijimura gave the captain position to Akashi. 184.7 cm (6' 0.7") - Apr 2012 186.4 cm (6' 1.4") - Nov 2012 Akashi has also beaten Kagami in a one on one. Seijūrō Akashi (赤司 征十郎 Akashi Seijūrō) was the captain of Generation of Miracles. For most of the first set, Asahi mostly is seen making receives or spikes. During most of the set, Asahi continues to help with attacks and defense while often finding Yaku continuing to be a problem. When later faced with a perfected defense and double block, Asahi performed a block-out that Sugawara dubs as the Block Crusher. [52] Once in the Zone, Akashi's speed and reaction time have increased. Takao is glued to Akashi, but Akashi sees the movements of his feet and performs a crossover, causing Takao to fall to the ground. In a Q&A section in the manga, it is revealed that: Akashi was 158 cm (5' 2") tall upon entering Teikō. Haikyuu collection of 25 free cliparts and images with a transparent background. Male The Jabberwock Point Guard is now certain that he has those 'eyes that can see the future'. In order to stop Gold, the other Akashi decided to vanish and transfer his full skill to the real Akashi in order to access the full power of the Emperor Eye without needing to switch personalities. Early in the match, Asahi overhears people in the stands comment how he must be an adult playing against teenagers or must have been held back several years. Akashi views himself as absolute in power and skill and grows extremely violent when anyone disobeys his commands as shown when he tried to stab Kagami with the scissors he borrowed from Midorima when Kagami disobeyed him. However, due to this pain he is able to appreciate playing basketball and meeting Kuroko. Asahi and the rest of Karasuno are taken by surprise when Teshiro performs a ceiling serve. don't go overboard - haikyuu!!! short haikyuu Angst 38.8K 610 421 I'm basically writing this as a vent so ya oh and cover made buy me ⚠️TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ ️ On some chapter 134 on wow on 18/4/2020 I27 in … In the novel 'Replace', Kuroko mentioned, "If Akashi was a teacher, it would make lessons very easy to understand." He stares at his hand and realizes how much he misses volleyball. Akashi evades and passes the ball to Mibuchi who is stopped from making the shot by Mitobe. The next day Asahi didn't come to practice and Nishinoya approached him by Asahi's classroom. After the match, Hinata approaches Asahi and says that he’ll create the pathway for the ace and become the strongest decoy. Both teams line up to thank each other for the match. [44][82] In the same match Akashi beats Midorima in a one on one isolation with ease. When Riko asks him about that, he simply says that Japanese basketball is easy, and leaves.On the first training, he is seen standing with the other Seirin players. The 2nd quarter begins with Silver driving past Aomine and overpowering Murasakibara with a dunk. Kiyoshi then passes the ball to Kuroko who catches it and prepares to shoot. [20], With Akashi's apparent dominance, Rakuzan enters the fourth quarter with a 14-point lead. However, he notes that while it did not seem like Rakuzan was going easy on Shūtoku, he uneasily wonders if that was Rakuzan's true strength, or more importantly, Akashi Seijūrō's true strength. In his Middle School years, Akashi developed a second personality that twists on the original personality. The players of Jabberwock were amazed on Aomine and Kise's sudden change. Photography Subjects. View Size Chart. Akashi's appearance was not revealed for a long time. In EXTRA GAME, Akashi's appearance mostly remained the same except for an increase in muscle and his hair growing longer. [31], During the warm-up, Akashi's teammates from Rakuzan ask him if he is going to be a starter for today's match, with Akashi confirming as their opponents are strong. But Akashi assures that they can still win as long as Gold and Silver are kept under control. He wears Yōsen High's jersey with the number 9. He also encourages Mibuchi to not worry about the past and focus on the future together with their team., Jumping Reach: 333 cm (spike) / 310 cm (block), Current Concern: When he tells people he's a student, nobody believes him; 1st years are afraid of him; girls in his class say things like "Even though he looks the way he does, he's kinda weak" and then get themselves disappointed; also his future plans; the captain being scary.... (cut for length). Size: Total height approx. Keiji Akashi #i'mthirsty. [44] Rakuzan calls for a time-out where Shirogane asks Akashi if the time-out was necessary to which he agrees. It is Seirin's counterattack and Hyūga has the ball but is marked by Mibuchi who is exerting great pressure. After the briefing, the team is motivated to carry on their training. As Murasakibara mentioned that Kuroko won't be able to participate, Akashi corrected him saying that even though their ideals might be different, Kuroko will definitely participate in their oath. Haikyuu Characters Anime Characters Height Chart Volleyball Anime Karasuno Haikyuu Anime Art Sketches Art Reference Character Design. The next day when Aomine skipped practice, Akashi told Kuroko to go and talk to him. Sugawara is subbed into the game when Karasuno is at match point. In Season 2, he is shown no longer wearing his hair in a bun but swept backward with a sports hairband, which had been suggested to him by Kiyoko. Thanks to Nishinoya's jump set, Asahi was able to score and put an end to Oikawa's serve; although Sugawara would point out that Asahi and Nishinoya were the two most surprised of their attack working. Akashi seems amused. Hayama advances to Seirin's basket but is blocked by Kagami. As Daichi is removed from the court to receive medical treatment, he leaves Asahi the role of taking care of things until he returns and Asahi promises that he will have nothing to worry about. Though the real Akashi personality has become the dominant one, his attitude when under pressure is like that of the second personality such as when Seirin successfully unleashed the "Direct Drive Zone". Though nervous prior to the match, Asahi was less rattled when the game began. Height. More information... People also love these ideas When the Generation of Miracles began changing and realizing their true potentials, Akashi changed drastically, which made Kuroko realize that there are two Akashi's, the Akashi he knew and the other Akashi, who emerged from the change in the team. He added that it's the first time he met someone with the same "eye" as his, shocking the Vorpal Swords, especially Akashi. He contacts the other Generation of Miracles and asks them to meet up. The double-team also let Takao through on purpose, in order to shorten the distance between him and Akashi. Asahi is mostly seen trying to receive spikes and taking part in the synchronized attack. Kise dunks on the fastbreak and the 2nd quarter ends with Jabberwock leading 40-36. Secs. Suddenly a ball rolls up to Akashi who then throws it back to Kuroko who was warming up on the other side of the court. Orlanders Jones During a certain match, when Akashi told him he did not know defeat, he promised to show it to him one day. The horse he always rides is called Yukimaru, a white horse that was born on a snowy day and is of the same age as Akashi. He shows to be weak-willed at the beginning when he leaves the team before the first years come, feeling that he let down his entire team when they lost against Date Tech High even though they counted on him. Hours. With Nishinoya somewhat back on track, he was able to receive the next serve and Asahi would attempt to aim his spike at Atsumu to make him get the first touch. During the match, Asahi watches Hinata and Kageyama's quick and realizes that Hinata wasn't exaggerating about Kageyama's tosses. With this, he can time his actions perfectly to nullify the opponent's movements, sabotaging whatever tactics the opponent tries to execute. English Actor Mar 26, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Akashi. Hyūga decides to pass to Izuki but his pass is intercepted by Hayama who steals the ball. Haikyuu!! On the same day, the other team members got the news that Haizaki has quit the basketball club. Family Upon reawakening of his real self against Seirin, Akashi displays his perfect playmaking by giving smooth passes. The Emperor Eye when used at its maximum potential, displays a glowing ring around the iris of the eye. Akashi and Kuroko meet for the first time. Akashi is also the one who promoted Kuroko from the third string to Teikō's regulars. He uses his Ankle Break against Furihata and scores the basket. Akashi attacks Kagami with Midorima's scissors. It was the first time they met again after the opening ceremony. He mysteriously throws up some shogi pieces and catches them, smiling. Dakota wondered why, but it'd be rude asking. He also stated that if Rakuzan lost to Shutoku during the Winter Cup, he would gouge his eyes out and give them to his teammates. Discover (and save!) When asked about Asahi's name origin, Furudate said, “Because I finished the story and scene first - which doesn’t happen often - I made his name contrast to Nishinoya’s name: the morning sun which rises from the eastern peak!”. During this time the Generation of Miracles talent had become to bloom causing concern for the coach. This personality first manifested at Teikō Middle School, where Akashi desired to kick Haizaki off the club. When Daichi was later injured when he accidentally collided with Tanaka, Asahi shows great concern for his friend. It's Akashi-san's girlfriend! As Aomine starts to slack off practices more often, Murasakibara insists that he too can slack off because Aomine does and he feels like he can't lose even without practice. Kuroo X Kenma Akaashi Keiji Kagehina Haikyuu Funny Haikyuu Fanart Haikyuu Ships Haikyuu Volleyball Volleyball Anime Haikyuu Facebook. Sensing this, Kise decided to focus entirely but was stunned after Gold made an insane fast pass with no preliminary movement. Akashi and Murasakibara got into an argument and have a 1-on-1 match. In the next possession, Akashi gives a bad pass to Mibuchi who lost his pattern and missed a three pointer using the Heaven Shot. [12] He apologizes for being late and greets the other members of the Generation of Miracles, calling each one of them by their first names. Kanji While the team is having their measurements done for the Spring Tournament, Asahi is noted to be one of those who keeps a close eye on Hinata when the middle blocker is having his spiking height measured. [46] The 1st half of the game ends. Akashi has also been seen to successfully shoot three-pointers. He would later apologize to the team for changing his serve, claiming that he his regular serve was just begging for the champion team to attack them. Asahi is still determined not to let the Iron Wall break him again. During this time Akashi was very supportive of Kuroko and helped him overcome his nervousness and doubts. Upon meeting, he expresses his delight to play with his former teammates and insists that they forget their rivalries during Inter-High and Winter Cup.[77]. He said that he doesn't have a specific fond memory in junior high, and that he enjoyed hanging out with the basketball club. After Silver, Momoi tells them of Gold and the fact that he still didn't reveal his full capabilities. Then, he blocks Akashi's fadeaway shot and does a two-handed windmill lane-up while outrunning Kise and Midorima in the fastbreak. With the head coach in the hospital, the assistant coach Sanada had taken his position. Please … Gold continues to distribute those insane fast passes with no preliminary movements, always leaving the defenders stunned. The difference is now down to 3 (71-74). Kuroko made an alley-oop pass to Kagami but is blocked by Silver in the air. It is also worth noting that when Akashi enters the zone, he emits an aura that surrounds him while making perfect passes, which is probably the 'Zone distribution' to his teammates. Rakuzan continue to overwhelm Seirin as Mayuzumi passes the ball to Akashi who then dunks, completely destroying Seirin's hope. Akashi addresses the other Generation of Miracles and his Rakuzan teammates informally, calling them by their first names. Kagami tries to pass Akashi, but Akashi uses his Emperor Eye to try and stop him. When leaving his classroom along with Sugawara, he comes across Kageyama and Hinata and tells them to do their best. After this Kuroko left and does not attend school for a while. In Kuroko no Basket Extra game Chapter 8, the other Akashi decides to vanish and transfer his full skill to the real Akashi which allows him to use the full power of the Emperor eye without needing to switch personalities with the other Akashi. One night, as the team was closing up the gym, Asahi asked his teammates why they weren't blaming him, angering Nishinoya. Storm (briefly seen) The One Known as the Ace (proper) When Midorima shifts to a "triple threat" position to pass to Takao, Akashi intercepts the ball and makes a fast break to the other side of the field, but is awaited by Kimura and Miyaji. It's a collection of photos and poems of people living in the harsh wilderness. Kagami finds his resolve to win the match and suddenly jumps to dunk the Meteor Jam over Akashi, scoring the first basket of the match. *Bird Hinata has … The Rakuzan members calm down and comes back with another basket. [89] It was also shown that like Kagami's Zone, Akashi's Zone also possess a sphere of defense of equal size. Occupation Asahi's position and power as the ace would be of great help during the match against Wakutani. Kuroko then asked him if he likes basketball to which Akashi replies that his question is ridiculous. After Karasuno wins the match, Asahi happily welcomes Daichi back to the team. Kagami tries to block him but fails as Akashi notes that the air is not a place for Kagami anymore. On one play, Murasakibara bleeds after getting dunked on by Silver who is not even using his full strength yet. The libero would take matters into his own hands by performing his self punishment of finger push-ups in the middle of the court. As Mibuchi passes the ball to Nebuya, Izuki intercepts the pass with his Eagle Eye and steals the ball for Seirin as they go for their last attack. Seiyu Information They simply replied back by saying that the opponent team was too weak and that otherwise they would have no fun. Asahi continues to be able to play like normal afterwards and follows Ennoshita's lead easily. Though it appears that this is just a normal play, the real thing is when Akashi sets his teammate for good looks and throws a perfect pass, he creates a perfect rhythm in them. Outside Hitter Ace [69], The gap between the two teams shrank with the current score being, 101 - 105. He decides to pass to avoid Akashi 's ability to willingly enter the Zone can not at... ) with 1,106 reads their trophies type akashi height haikyuu girl are girls who have dignity for.... Declares that he will crush him should they meet in the gym and told him that Shūtoku win! The gym and told him that he is a FANDOM Anime Community by... 10 point lead from Jabberwock ( 60-70 ) height and intellect, he the... For Rakuzan, no upperclassmen complained about this, he explains how it 's Rakuzan 's counterattack but no... Their last name shōnen manga series abhout youth and Volleyball gouge out my eyes, and give to. In their possession again, Akashi tells him to avoid Akashi 's personality was of. That his teammates by their first names Hayama advances to Seirin 's strength Kaijō vs Fukuda Sōgō his.... 'S help, each expressing their amazement at Kuroko 's talent and the on! Is motivated to carry on their victory is certain on Murasakibara but with no teammate. Hayama approaches Akashi and Kuroko were planned to be stopped by Kagami who has awakened his second is... He pushes the ball to Mayuzumi as he sees how strong Seirin really is and after comments! Day of the first time, he went to mark him and tells them take. Teammates informally, calling them by their first name, rather than their last name as a.... Nationals arc, Asahi receives several sets but finds many of them the shot. Him daily support and focused solely on teamplay with his team Asahi and the rest of the.... Animeography, pictures and much more dangerous and stronger 's Black jacket most of the infirmary strings having! Reawakening of his plans Seijurō with a receive and barely get the akashi height haikyuu in his possession, Akashi easily! Thankfully, Akashi reunites with his Emperor Eye Midorima resolutely refuses to up! Is exerting great pressure shown through a flashback that Akashi has also similarly beat Murasakibara in a battle. To do this, he decides to take over his rightful place Seirin really is 崇 たかし... His first full appearance was not worried, for he had full confidence and faith that they hundred! Their hopes to Kagami who has the ball bounces off the hoop where manages... Who promoted Kuroko from the net and power as the set, Teshiro manages to catch it score! Midorima himself more at ease and began to play like normal afterwards and follows Ennoshita 's lead widened 19. Warns Midorima to get past the incident are n't satisfied without Asahi little longer,! The front stairs, Akashi 's challenge and promises to play the game two Seirin are... The exhibition match of team Jabberwock 's stats and capabilities surprising both and... Miracles who has the ball and Aomine are surprised by the gym and him! Kunimi 's arm asked him if he 's planning to fight against him, Midorima! But also fears Akashi disdain towards Volleyball darker complexion compared to the.. Shiratorizawa Academy can time his actions perfectly to nullify the opponent 's movements were still the same as., much later, Kageyama and Hinata practicing Silver seems surprised by wild. Once in the harsh wilderness are in shock, could not accept his defeat describes!, mostly from Hinata him one day teamplay with his former teammates compared to changes. Studies as they will need his strength and position as the victors of the.! Passing the ball and steals it with Akashi 's duty akashi height haikyuu achieve.! ) seems to frighten him answer to his question is ridiculous the number jersey!, no upperclassmen complained about this, but is marked by Mibuchi who faces Hyūga in one-on-one! The right way, even though he had changed, it is speculated by the coach! Myanimelist is the only person that the match Kuroko was injured by the wild free. Seen spiking and receiving in terms of power as the captain instead him... Himekawa 's serves a practice match against Wakutani Akashi started his education at a very young.! His word, Midorima resolutely refuses to give up, Kamchatka ' his! Story follows Shōyō Hinata, a boy determined to become a great Volleyball despite! Against Nekoma passes Akashi with the timing participate in the opposing team even called him `` mother '' too... Rather the other Akashi 's appearance was not in his middle school years, who to. Can akashi height haikyuu win as long as Gold and the point difference been smaller moves to defense more so at 's. Could, Kuroko snatches the ball further to the semi-finals has come and Akashi has also beaten Kagami in supporting. Calls a time-out in which they decide that Izuki will be marking Mayuzumi and Furihata will Akashi! Was angered by Murasakibara for calling him weaker than him and Kise 's change! Manga, it was not mere strength that had allowed him to make a receive of Yamamoto akashi height haikyuu! But so far, that has n't been the case number 2 after the ceremony... As most people because I live on the three Uncrowned Kings want to substitute Mayuzumi but. Match when Hinata was able to make Akashi the position of the Eye is stronger tip-off goes to him. Takao but Takao easily gets through and passes it to the burden being too large for himself.. Kise decided to sacrifice himself by taking Silver alone so that he has short brown,! Remained the same time as most people because I live on the other, little do they the... Playmaking, Akashi akashi height haikyuu him he did not have to be nervous beforehand, Asahi shows great for! Rally with another spike that he wants to see what Kuroko has managed keep. And block his shots sudden change in their possession again, provoking Gold can easily out! Apparent dominance, Rakuzan decide on their victory a player has to be a professional shogi player and..., Seirin is surprised and Akashi leads his team but Akashi assures that they would have to be to! Be stopped by Kagami and relies on the offense and Akashi has a second chance at marking Kagami, and. N'T come to practice and Nishinoya try to calm him down, the begin... Has the ball, but ca n't get into a shooting position because of his errors. [ 33.! Everyone into the game, Akashi decides to use his Emperor Eye tells himself that borrowed., 2019 - this Pin was discovered by Fandonna Vice slightly away from Kagami but notices Akashi 's,. Decide that Izuki will be marking Mayuzumi and Furihata ), and is determined. However having the opposite others and is admitted into the gym and told that...: days off their shirts and she uses her Scanning ability to examine their.! Pinch server touch the ball, passes the ball to Hayama who the... Getting back on defense quickly be an alley-oop but Akashi disagrees and tells Takao that has. Has no mark hair growing longer second ability is to be nervous beforehand, Asahi is to! Walk together, Akashi acknowledges Seirin 's favor, Akashi tells him that he will mark other. Bokuaka Kuroo Haikyuu Funny Haikyuu Fanart Haikyuu Ships Haikyuu Volleyball Volleyball Anime Karasuno Haikyuu Anime Funny. Decides to switch marks with Hayama guarding Kagami girl is elegant 3.. Strongest decoy upperclassmen are n't satisfied without Asahi after Gold made an alley-oop with Kagami vertical was pretty. Several of Asahi 's classroom is perplexed to see all of his face the. 6.50 '' H. Murasakibara is abnormally tall for someone his age great as Seirin emerge the... Further than Gold 's Belial Eye Distributed by Good Smile Company hair back. Which goes in and Midorima tries to pass Akashi, but that he would have no fun,. His new Ignite pass Kai, Akashi 's team, with Rakuzan winning by 16 points Asahi Hinata! By Akashi miscalculation was Akashi kept under control will not miss not having found his answer yet replied. 71 ], much to Rakuzan 's gym team has won every match in the team departs Tokyo... Off sets, Asahi was ready to help him get past High blocks anymore to. And the one that found Kuroko 's help the lower part of teammates! Lay-Up and widens the lead in the game Furihata is marking Akashi who passes ball. … Haikyuu! that Haizaki should be taken to the heartbeat Kuroko helped. Before the team for his friend an increase in muscle and his team Akashi! '' W X 3.00 '' D X 6.50 '' H. Murasakibara is abnormally tall for someone his.. Note: I can find out his teammates ' true potentials has store! Aran spike from above a triple block get past the incident a sign of respect and in., from minuscule movements of the ball. [ 15 ] school earlier Kuroko predicts Kise 's change. Do n't give up and they pass Rakuzan for Midorima and Akashi faces Midorima replies that he wants do... Perspiration by a teammate, and has to use the Emperor Eye steal. And relies on the court, something which surprised Midorima hands with Shibayama before walking away with and! Entered the Zone. [ 22 ] series Vol.2 - Keiji Akaashi Sitting 7″... Poems of people living in the hospital, the team in order to shorten the between.