Fact is, no new character, besides protagonists and antagonists, ever had as huge of an impact on the story as D'vorah did. As a female member of the Kytinn species, she lives in Outworld and formerly served as Kotal Kahn's first minister. Fūka (Naruto Shippuden) uses Execution by Kiss technique to drain her victims of chakra and kill them. Grace-Zed Hobbyist General Artist. After being mentioned many times in several intro dialogues in Mortal Kombat 11 and making a cameo appearance in Kitana's Friendship in the Aftermath expansion, Mileena finally returns as a DLC character for Kombat Pack 2, … Edited Oct 23, 2015. She killed Baraka and Mileena, two fan-favorites. 2.) It's fine if you want to have a new character kill an old one, but at least have the old characters go out with respect to them. A loyal servant of the fearsome Kotal Khan is captured by one of Mileena's enforcers. Celebrities in Mortal Kombat 11 (Keanu Reeves, The Rock, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Van Damme) [DeepFake] Mileena is looking AMAZING!!!! Nah. D'Vorrah kicked her ass and brought her to Kotal, then she killed her ass. BetaoftheBass Student Filmographer. D'Vorah is a character introduced in Mortal Kombat X. She was beaten. That's because prior to MKX's story mode, we had no idea that she'd slay Mileena. Ultimately, the coup fails and she is killed by D'Vorah. Come on. As the god of life and death, the Forest Spirit (Princess Mononoke) ends Okkoto's life with a single kiss. D'vorah Kiss Kills Mileena. Oct 23, 2015. I hope that D'Vorah has an antagonizing death in MK12...even better if Mileena were to kill that cockroach. D'vorah should go died under a rock X(great job! I can see Tanya killing D'vorah as a means to fulfill her own personal goals but to avenge Mileena? https://mortalkombat.fandom.com/wiki/D'Vorah/Current_Timeline While her Mortal Kombat X ending saw her free an army of clones to take the realm, this more mature Mileena knows how she died and missed out on certain things, love being atop the list. 1.) Baraka is a massive jobber and Mileena was a tied up prisoner. The delusional Mileena, Baraka and Rain fanbases are just analhurt that their fave got humiliated by a new character. It also sucks that even though D'Vorah also killed Baraka, he returned in MK11 but not Mileena. Even if she managed to kill D'Vorah, there were plenty of other people who were in a position to finish Mileena off. Eating D'Vorah's face would have accomplished nothing. Who do you think made Mileena a tied up prisoner? As a challenger to the rule of Kotal, Mileena would kill for the goldmine of information the captive D'vorah could posess... she obviously could not simply kill her... but she has her ways, as the madwoman has a tendency to play with her enemies. ^_^ Reply. D'vorah is awesome. She's totally worthy of being in MK11. i was so mad when she killed Mileena that was BS XD sure thing! I'm still salty best girl is dead though. May be in next MK game D'vorah will be killed. This Mileena has grown, however. D'vorah sucks lol immortal get the f*** outta here. She still killed Mileena and Baraka with ease. XD Thanks for the comment! D'Vorah (Mortal Kombat) kills Mileena by kissing her and then spewing flesh-eating insects into her face. You are in the minority on that lol. Reply. I don't see Mileena's death affecting Tanya to the extent that she'd want to avenge her death. She was killed in the last game by D'Vorah, but a revived Mileena beats Kronika to become the Kahnum of Time.